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While autumn is not yet here, there is still time to enjoy summer at its best. So, get rid of your cover-up! You will not be needing them, since you will have that silhouette you have always dreamt of.

Read below to get to know more about high power ultrasound, a brilliant resource in the treatment of localized fat, cellulite and skin flaccidity, dysfunctions that most inhibit people in general.

Esthetic ultrasound: know what it is and how it works

Some years ago, the word “ultrasound” was used to refer to medical exams, to take images of the organs in the human body.  Nowadays, the word has one more meaning: a component in esthetics and esthetic medicine, as well as in the physical rehabilitation area, commonly used in clinics around the world and also in Brazil, with scientifically proven efficacy. It is technology that has captivated thousands of health and wellness professionals for being a safe, precise and efficiently delivering the expected results.

There are two forms of esthetic ultrasound: the invasive, present in the liposuction tube, and the non-invasive. The non-invasive is subdivided into focused and non-focused ultrasound. In the case of Heccus Turbo, it is non-focused ultrasound equipment which can be applied in an isolated form; that is, only the propagation of the Ultrasonic wave, or associated with electric currents.

Ultrasound is simply a mechanical acoustic wave delivered to the tissue. Its measurement unit is in Hertz (Hz) and the frequency range is from 20KHz to 200MHz, and therapeutic ultrasound from 20KHz to 5MHz.

Mechanisms of action and their benefits

Therapeutic ultrasound generates the following actions and effects:

  1. Thermal effect, which generates heat to the tissue and consequently increase in blood flow;
  2. Mechanical effect, which is the impact of the mechanical acoustic wave in the tissue;
  3. Cavitational effect, which is the formation of gas microbubbles in the extracellular medium and, according to the size of these microbubbles, generates heat;
  4. Lipolysis, where the triglycerides present inside the fat cell is broken, released in the blood flow and keeps circulating until it is transformed in ATP and metabolized;
  5. Mechanotransduction of signal, where the fibroblast can exert its function, which is synthesize collagen, fundamental amorphous substance, metalloproteases and growth factor;
  6. Formation of new vessels from the existing ones;
  7. Solubilization of the fundamental amorphous substance.

The association of these mechanism results in the lipolysis of the fat cell, in the improvement of blood and lymphatic flow and in the general improvement of the general appearance of the tissue. The propagation of the Ultrasonic wave suffer interference from the medium, and because of this, it is important to use a water-based conductive medium.

Smaller frequencies of therapeutic ultrasound reach deeper structures, and greater frequencies reach more superficial structures.

Heccus Turbo: therapeutic ultrasound associated with electric currents

Now that you have understood the main fundaments of esthetic ultrasound in more detail, let us talk about Heccus Turbo, our therapeutic ultrasound associated with electric currents.

it operates in the frequencies of 3.3MHz and 1.1MHz and is composed by the currents Aussie, Polarized and High Volt. The equipment presents 3 ultrasound emitters with total ERA (effective radiation area) of 24cm². Therefore, the maximum power of the equipment is 72 watts. This configuration guarantees greater therapeutic effect in shorter session time.

Modes of emission

The modes that Heccus Turbo allows are: continuous, pulsed and superpulsed. The continuous mode is characterized by the predominance of the thermal effect, there are no interruptions of the ultrasonic waves in the application; therefore, elevating the temperature efficiently in the treated tissue.

In turn, the pulsed mode presents a smaller termal effect compared to the continuous mode. The pulsed can be at 25%, where there is a shorter interval of wave propagation and a longer interval of no wave propagation, and this configuration can be used in post-operative cases, in which there is no need to create heat,, and the pulsed at 50%, where the intervals of wave propagation and no wave propagation are equivalent, having an associated thermal effect.

Finally, the superpulsed, which is the pulsed mode at 75%, presenting small intervals presenting short intervals of no wave propagation, added to cavitational and thermal effects and with the effects of shock waves in the adipocytes (fat cells).

Combined therapy

Besides allowing isolated therapies, Heccus Turbo also offers combined therapy, which consists of an association of high-power ultrasound and one of its electric currents

With that, the equipment presents 8 output channels for electrostimulation with the Aussie current in total, being: 6 specific channels for combined therapy and 2 channels for isolated use of Aussie current. Besides that, Heccus Turbo offers 2 output channels for polarized currents and High Volt.

The possibilities of combined therapy are:

  • Tridimensional Sonophoresis (ultrasound + Aussie current). Indicated for: localized fat and cellulitis associated with muscle tonification and lymphatic drainage, immediate and late post-operative and skin flaccidity;
  • Sonoeletroporation (ultrasound + High Volt current). Indicated for: localized fat and cellulitis associated with electroporation and permeation of actives by sonoelectroporation. Another use would be in post-operative treatment;
  • Sonoiontophoresis (ultrasound + polarized current). Indicated for: localized fat and cellulitis associated with electroporation and permeation of actives by sonoiontophoresis.

Duet System

Heccus Turbo also stands out for presenting the modern Duet System, which makes the therapist’s work more practical and optimized, and the facilitating the session itself. This happens because the Duet System allows the application of two different therapeutic resources simultaneously in different areas of the body.


Indications of Heccus Turbo

Individual ultrasound therapies:

  • Improvement of plastic surgery or repair surgery post-operative healing;
  • Localized fat;
  • Gynoid Lipodystrophy (cellulite);
  • Improvement in skin quality and firmness;


Individual Aussie current therapies:

  • Strengthening, hypertrophy and muscle tonification;
  • Increase in local blood flow;
  • Relief of plastic surgery or repair surgery post-operative pain;
  • Increase in lymphatic and vascular drainage;
  • Treatment of cellulite and localized fat (electrolipolysis).


Individual polarized current therapies:

  • Permeation of actives (iontophoresis);
  • Increase in local blood flow.


Individual therapies of High Volt current

  • Permeation of actives (electroporation);
  • Healing of ulcers and wounds;
  • Increase in local blood flow;
  • Relief of plastic surgery or repair surgery post-operative pain;
  • Increase in lymphatic and vascular drainage;



Tridimensional sonophoresis combined therapy (ultrasound + Aussie current):

  • Localized fat associated with muscle tonification;
  • Localized fat associated with lymphatic drainage;
  • Gynoid Lipodystrophy (cellulite) associated with muscle tonification;
  • Gynoid Lipodystrophy (cellulite) associated with lymphatic drainage;
  • Improvement in healing associated with analgesia in plastic surgery or repair surgery post-operative;
  • Improvement in quality and firmness of skin.

Sonoelectroporation combined therapy (ultrasound + High Volt current)

  • Localized fat associated with electroporation of actives;
  • Gynoid Lipodystrophy (cellulite) associated with electroporation of actives;
  • Improvement in healing associated with analgesia in plastic surgery or repair surgery post-operative


Sonoiontophoresis combined therapy (ultrasound + polarized current)

  • Localized fat associated with ionization of actives;
  • Gynoid Lipodystrophy (cellulite) associated with ionization of actives.


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