HF Ibramed

HF Ibramed Equipamento de Alta Frequência Portátil
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The equipment

HF Ibramed is portable high frequency equipment, easy to transport. It presents an applicator pen with universal fit for glass electrodes, simple application via intensity control on the pen itself and transport bag.

The equipment must be used only under prescription and supervision of a licensed professional.



  • 1 large spherical glass electrode applicator;
  • 1 comb glass electrode applicator;
  • 1 fork glass electrode applicator;
  • 1 small spherical glass electrode applicator;
  • 1 cautery glass electrode applicator;
  • 1 saturator glass electrode applicator;
  • 1 instructions manual;
  • 1 transport bag.

The use of cables, electrodes and other accessories other than those specified above may result in an increase of emissions or decrease in the immunity of the equipment.


Technical characteristics

  • Bivolt 127/220V | 50/60Hz (manual selection);
  • Dimensions: 7 x 11 x 6 (W x D x H) cm;
  • Approximate weight, without accessories: 500g.


Ação bactericida e fungicida 

Aplicação do HF Ibramed Equipamento de Alta Frequência Portátil

Equipamento de Alta Frequência Portátil
Esférico menor

Equipamento de Alta Frequência Portátil Aplicação no Rosto
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Cauterizador Equipamento de Alta Frequência Portátil


Ativar microcirculação sanguínea local

Técnica Indireta de Aplicação do Equipamento de Alta Frequência Portátil
Técnica indireta

Aplicação no Couro Cabeludo do Equipamento de Alta Frequência Portátil


  • Fungicide action, facial, hair and podology treatments;
  • Treatment for disinfection of acneic skin;
  • Treatment of podal lesions;
  • Skin cauterizing after the extraction of pustules;
  • Facilitates the permeation of actives;
  • In skin rejuvenation and hydration protocols;
  • Disinfection of the scalp;
  • Stimulation of facial and scalp blood flow;
  • Post-epilation;
  • In skin continuity solutions (ulcers and wounds);
  • Inflammation of skin and lesion following ungual cuticle extraction.


  • Implanted electronic device (ex.: cardiac pacemaker, deep brain stimulation device, etc.);
  • Hearing aids must be removed during sessions. If subjected to electrical stimulation, hearing aids might undergo damage and present malfunction.
  • Local tumor;
  • Hypertension and unbalanced diabetes;
  • Allergy to the current;
  • Infectious processes;
  • Epilepsy;
  • Kidney or cardiac insufficiency;
  • Patients with diagnosis for deep venous thrombosis.

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