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Nèartek is a TECARTHERAPY equipment (High Frequency Capacitive and Resistive Energy Transfer), with frequencies from 500kHz to 1000kHz, which can be described as the first in tecartherapy in Brazil and the most complete in the world.

Tecartherapy is a form of electrothermal therapy. It can be can compred to radiofrequency in terms of its physical principles, physiological effects, indications for use and contraindications. Nèartek enables capacitive and resistive applications, in continuous and pulsed modes for non-thermal, thermal or hyperthermal treatments.


In addition, it allows reaching different tissue depths by presenting exclusive frequency modes, being: fixed frequency (500kHz or 1000kHz), alternating frequency (500kHz and 1000kHz) and sweep frequency (500kHz to 1000kHz).

The capacitive system causes reactions that are concentrated mainly on subcutaneous areas. The heating of these tissues has a positive influence on the subsequent application of the resistive mode, since capacitive treatment reduces the internal resistance values of subcutaneous tissues due to the vascularization effect. It means, localized action must be superficial or semi-deep.

In the resistive system, the reactions caused are concentrated in the most resistant tissues, such as bones and tendons, or fibrotic areas.

There is greater resistance in bones and tendons, as they are areas of high density and low water content, causing a more significant increase in temperature than in softer and / or more vascularized areas. The action is polyarticular and deep.

Nèartek has a monopolar applicator with different disc sizes (20mm, 30mm, 50mm and 60mm) in configurations: capacitive and resistive. Its applicators are in semi-sphere shape (decapolar, tetrapolar and bipolar) for large, medium and small areas.

The equipment can be used in the areas of physical rehabilitation, facial and body aesthetics and in the intimate aesthetics. It presents autoclavable tips such as: bipolar capacitive and resistive besides disc tips, which guarantees a differential for use in
intimate aesthetics.


The equipment must be used only under the prescription and supervision of a licensed professional

Technical characteristics:


– Bivolt 100/240V I 50/60Hz;
– Dimension: 27 x29.4 x11.4 (W x D x H);
– Weight: without accessories 2.3kg.




Tecartherapy is a noninvasive electrothermal therapeutic modality, based on the application of a high frequency electric current in the frequency range from: 300kHz to 1.2MHz, through capacitive and resistive application, which brings higher effectiveness and provides greater comfort in treatment.

That´s why its applicability can make all the difference  in facial and body aesthetic conditions, and massage therapy, and also promote a number of benefits in intimate aesthetics. In physical rehabilitation and sports medicine, Nèartek is indicated for the treatment of injuries in several structures such as muscles, bones, ligaments and tendons.

Rejuvenation, wrinkles and skin flaccidity

In the dermal tissue, physiological effects occur due to the passage of electric field at high frequency interacts with biological tissue, mainly in the skin, transforming energy into heat. This mechanism of action thermally induces the contraction and the remodeling of collagen, promoting changes in dermal contour and minimizing wrinkles and fine lines, with no need for recovery period.

Cellulite improvement and localized fat reduction

The interaction of energy from the electric current with the tissue water molecules promotes heat and increase of local metabolism, inducing adipocyte lipolysis, which leads to the reduction of adipose tissue. In cellulite, besides this effect, there is an increase in local blood flow and tissue remodeling. This whole process results in improvement of body contour.

Lymphatic Drainage

In non-thermal mode, Nèartek promotes cellular biostimulation, with the objective of intra and extracellular ion mobilization, in order to improve cell function. Thus, it is possible to use this mode for some aesthetic conditions, such as cellulitis, lymphedema and postoperative.

Nèartek in intimate aesthetics

Vulvovaginal flaccidity is related to female sexual dysfunction and affects negatively the self-image, sexual function and quality of life.

Thermal induction therapy has the ability to generate remodeling and the contraction of collagen, with the use of tecartherapy in the capacitive mode, with the objective of improving the aspect of the skin in the vulvar area, due to the stimulation of the synthesis of dermal substances in the application area. This process generates neocollagenesis and neoelastogenesis with subsequent improvement of skin elasticity.



  • Facial Rejuvenation (wrinkles);
  • Improvement of dermal contour;
  • Cellulite treatment;
  • Localized fat;
  • Skin flaccidity.

 Intimate Aesthetic

  • Vulvovaginal Rejuvenation;
  • Skin flaccidity in the public area;
  • Flaccidity of pubic skin.


  • Reduction of muscle spasms;
  • Muscle relaxation;
  • Increase in local blood flow;
  • Reduction of muscle fatigue;
  • Muscle recovery post-exercise.


  • Implant electronic device, such a cardiac pacemaker;
  • Large metallic implant in the treated area;
  • pregnant patients;
  • Patients with venous insufficiency in lower limbs;
  • Over neoplastic areas;
  • Relief of symptomatic local pain of unknown etiology;
  • Over nerves of carotid sinuses, particularly in patients with altered sensitivity to the carotid sinus reflex;
  • Over the neck over thyroid region;
  • Epileptic patients;
  • Over or close to cancerous lesions.


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