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Polarys is equipment microcontrolled by cryolipolysis, designed for esthetic treatments. It presents 4 treatment modalities: conventional cryolipolysis, contrast, reperfusion and preparation cryolipolysis, and IBRAMED was the pioneer to launch the equipment with these 4 different classifications of cryolipolysis.

It is a safe treatment because it presents an efficient cooling system which guarantees the stability of the selected temperature during the simultaneous use of both applicators during the entire treatment time, or the isolated use of only one of them. Polarys allows the adjustment of temperature on the display (variable from -8°C to +8°C), with real and instantaneous visualization of the applicator temperature, avoiding adverse effects.

Accompanying the equipment are 5 applicators in sizes Small, Medium and Large  (2 S, 2 M and 1L), which allows the treatment of different areas and biotypes. and also allows the use of two applicators with independent controls working simultaneously for better results, maintaining temperature effectively and individually.

The equipment also stands out for offering a vacuum system effective in maintaining suction during the simultaneous use of the applicators, continuous vacuum and 3 pulsed modes (which guarantees the treatment of more painful and adhered areas with greater comfort and less risk of ecchymosis), manual selection mode for the free programming of the parameters and a Steps Mode to create and save customized treatment modes, Clean Mode, ( a self-cleaning system of applicators and cables, which guarantees effective cleansing, practicality and greater durability of the equipment), modern design, easy to move around and touch screen, an informative tutorial with images and precise information, which optimize the use, and customized and functional accessories, such as a cushion support, elastic bands and a special ruler to mark the treatment area, which facilitate the application and provide greater comfort to the patient.

The control of mode and intensity of vacuum can be carried out on the applicator itself. For contrast, reperfusion and preparation cryolipolysis, Polarys allows the adjustment of the heating time before and/or after the cooling.

The equipment must be used under prescription and supervision of a licensed professional.



  • 740 x 740 x 1350mm;
  • Net weight: 95kg;
  • Total weight of the equipment + Accessories: 113kg.


  • It presents 4 Cryolipolysis modes:
  • Conventional Cryoplipolysis: only cooling.;
  • Contrast Cryoplipolysis: heating – cooling – heating.;
  • Reperfusion Cryolipolysis: cooling – heating;
  • Preparation Cryolipolysis: heating – cooling.
  • Adjustment of time of initial and/or final heating;
  • Simultaneous use of 2 applicators with independent controls, which allows the treatment of two different areas, as well as the application in two different patients at the same time;
  • Automatic recognition of the size of the applicator which is being used;
  • Efficient cooling system:
  • Control of individual temperature in the Peltier, which guarantees that pre-adjusted the temperature is maintained and guarantees the safety of the application;
  • Water reservoir with large storage capacity (approximately 10 liters), optimizing temperature extraction.
  • Accurate control of temperature of the Peltier: real and instantaneous visualization of temperature, adjustable from -8°C to +8°C. Studies prove that negative temperatures do not potentialize the effects, increasing the risk of lesion or adverse reaction;
  • 4 vacuum modes: continuous and pulsed 1, 2 and 3. The pulsed modes allow the treatment of more painful and adhered areas with more comfort and less risk of hematoma. Effective in maintaining suction when the applicators are used simultaneously;
  • Steps Mode: allows the configuration of customized treatment modes;
  • Clean Mode: exclusive self-cleaning system of the applicators and cables;
  • Customized and functional accessories: cushions and elastic bands to support the applicator, rulers to mark the treatment area and sanitizing fluid for the skin and the applicator;
  • Light indicator of heat and cold in the applicator;
  • 3 different sizes of applicators, which allows for the treatment of different areas and biotypes;
  • Removable applicator supports;
  • Pause button: interrupts the therapy without losing the programmed data;
  • Password to unlock the use: access only for authorized personnel;
  • Informative tutorial;

Modern design and easy to move around.


Suggestions of treatment areas

Suggestions of areas commonly treated. Other areas can also be treated.

  • Infraumbilical Abdomen

(Protect the infraumbilical scar area adequately);

  • Supraumbilical Abdomen

Protect the supraumbilical scar area adequately.

Flanks Region

  • Inner thigh region;
  • Saddlebag region;
  • Infrascapular region;
  • Lumbar region;
  • Posterior of arm region;
  • Infragluteal region;
  • Anterior axillary region;
  • Posterior axillary region;
  • Inner side of the knee;
  • Submental region.


  • Conservative treatment of localized fat;
  • Non-invasive modeling of body contour;
  • Pre-operative of liposuction.


  • Implanted electronic device (example: cardiac pacemaker, deep brain stimulation device etc.);
  • Neoplastic areas or over areas in which a tumor has been removed;
  • Children, elderly people or patients with high sensitivity to cold (Cryoglobulinemia);
  • Intolerance to Cryotherapy.
  • Raynaud’s disease.
  • Over ischemic areas (in which the blood supply can be incapable of supplying the metabolic demand, resulting in necrosis).
  • Over open or infected wounds.


What effects does cryolipolysis promote in the tissue?

The effects are the crystallization of lipids by extraction of temperature, lobular panniculitis (inflammation caused by cold), tissue reperfusion and phagocytosis


What are the main treatment areas?

Areas of the trunk (except precordial region), neck (except the carotid and thyroid regions), pelvic region, upper and lower limbs with the presence of localized fat.


What are the main precautions that must be taken when applying cryolipolysis?

The presence of contraindications must be carefully observed, the complete anamnesis of the patient must be performed, as well as a photographic evaluation, perimetry and adipometry to follow the clinical evolution of the patient.

Medications which may interfere with the treatment must also be verified. Inspect the applicator before starting each treatment session; mark the area to be treated, in order to direct the positioning of the anti-freeze membrane and of the applicator, position the patient in a comfortable manner and in such a way that the area to be treated is exposed. It is important that, before interrupting the suction in the end of the treatment and performing the decoupling, the professional holds the applicator firmly to avoid dropping it.



What it the average application time of cryolipolysis? What should the interval between sessions be?

The cooling time must be between 45 and 60 minutes. However, in contrast, reperfusion and preparation cryolipolysis, the application time is longer due to the heating pre or post cooling. The intervals between sessions may vary from 60 to 120 days after the first application

How is the water reservoir of POLARYS refilled?

For the correct functioning of the system, it is necessary to fill the reservoir with water, which must be performed with the equipment on and the applicators connected. Before turning on POLARYS, position the applicators in their supports and then connect the applicator cables until they are totally connected.

Connect the equipment to the mains power line and press the ‘On’ button of the on-off key, remove the lids from the water inlet and outlet, connect the water hose with funnel to the water inlet. Fill the reservoir slowly with water until it starts to overflow through the hose connected to the water outlet. After this process, disconnect the hoses and clean the connectors.


How does the Clean Mode work?

The Clean Mode key gives access to the cleaning mode of the applicator and the cables of the equipment. In the initial screen, the user starts the cleaning pressing clicking the icon “Clean Mode’ and accesses the step-by-step of the cleaning procedure.


What is Peltier? How does the extraction of temperature take place in the applicator?

Peltier is a thermoelectric cell located in the internal part of the applicator in contact with the lateral metallic plates. By means of electrical stimulation, this device extracts heat (cools down) from the metallic surface with which it is in contact as it releases extracted heat on the other side, exchanging heat with the water which circulates through the applicator.

Sendo assim, quanto maior o reservatório de água, maior é a quantidade de água que circula pelo applicator, o que otimiza a troca de calor com o Peltier e promove a manutenção eficaz da temperature durante a aplicação.

Thus, the larger the reservoir the larger is the volume of water which circulates through the applicator, which optimizes the heat exchange with the Peltier and the temperature is more efficiently maintained during the application.

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