The Cohen Institute of sports medicine and rehabilitation uses the entire line of IBRAMED rehabilitation devices in physical rehabilitation procedures in athletes and regular patients who are not athletes but present lesions in the osteomyoarticular system.  The maximum level of demand to achieve clinical therapeutic results opens the opportunity to develop new protocols. The characteristics of the patients treated daily at the Cohen Institute make it the ideal place:  high performance professional athletes. In charge of the clinical observations is the chief physiotherapist of the Institute, Dr. Maurício Garcia.

SONAFE, Sociedade Nacional de Fisioterapia Esportiva e da Atividade Física, - National Association of Sports and Physical Activity has well-known associates who are active professionals in national sports teams, from University researchers and Professors to physiotherapists training amateur athletes in their private clinics.

Clínica R9

R9 Clinic

The clinic of soccer player Ronaldo is an important physical rehabilitation center in Rio de Janeiro, and uses IBRAMED equipment in physical rehabilitation treatments. The idea is that patients treated in the R9 clinic can benefit from the therapies with IBRAMED devices and that the therapeutic effects can be measured by qualified professionals and in situations of high demand.

Osmar de Oliveira Institute

IBRAMED incorporated its entire rehabilitation equipment line to Instituto Osmar de Oliveira. Now, all the patients are treated exclusively with the most modern and efficient devices in the market. With the high turnover of patients, IBRAMED has reports of use of the equipment by the institute professionals, adding clinical and scientific content to the equipment and the enhancing the quality and efficacy of its products.

Trobe University – Australia

IBRAMED established an important partnership with La Trobe University: The development of the concept of Aussie treatment, that is, the project which originated a line of equipment that produce Aussie current, the best form of sensory and motor stimulation ever developed by a research laboratory. There are dozens of studies published by by Professor Alex Ward, in important publications. All the research was carried out in Australia and the entire project was conducted at IBRAMED. Currently, the equipment is used in important research centers around the world and the initial results support the work done by Dr. Ward for decades, suggesting that, indeed, Aussie Current is the golden standard for sensory and motor stimulation.

USP – University of São Paulo

The project “Effect of high volt electrical stimulation in the skeletal muscle regeneration” was written by Ft. Ms. Meiricris Tomaz Silva and by Professor Adviser Prof. Dr. Elen Haruka Miyabara, from the Instituto de Ciências Biomédicas da USP.  IBRAMED is a partner, providing the pulse generator for High Volt Electrical Stimulation (HVES) used in the research. In the national market, IBRAMED is the only manufacturer of HVES, which is a monophasic current of double peaks and a powerful therapeutic resource in the treatment of acute edema and lymphedemas, cutaneous lesions of arterial and venous origin and also used in pain modulation

UNICAMP – University of Campinas

Project developed by doctorate student Flávia da Ré Guerra, with Professor Adviser Prof. Dr. Edson Rosa Pimentel, of the Post-Graduate Program in Cellular and Structural Biology at UNICAMP. IBRAMED, with the objective of cooperating with and encouraging scientific development in Brazil, supported the work with the lease of Laserpulse equipment, with wavelength pen of 830nm.

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