Specialists with extensive experience share their knowledge at events aimed at improving equipment and techniques for therapeutic and aesthetic purposes.

Meeting International

Invest in updating and networking in your professional background

Annually, we organize the traditional IBMED International Meeting, sometimes for the physical rehabilitation segment, sometimes for aesthetics and aesthetic medicine.

Our International Meetings are considered the most influential congresses in Brazil and in the world, as they bring together national and international speakers with extensive  know-how, who bring the most varied subjects within the market in order to share experiences, innovations and trends, being a great channel to promote discussions.

Ibramed Day

Ibramed Day brings together the main professionals in the market for lectures and practical workshops.

Unique opportunity for excellent networking and to prepare for the future by investing in your training.

In addition to a lot of qualified content, it is possible to contact the most renowned professionals in the segment and the memorable experience of visiting our facilities.


In general, they are congresses, exhibitions, conferences or other types of meetings that bring together both professionals and other companies in the same area of activity.

Participating in them can bring many benefits, such as having close contact with the brand, having a unique experience with each product and a good opportunity to expand the network of professional relationships.

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