Esthetics Treatments for black skin

Beauty portrait of smiling dark skin young woman with curly afro hair and glamour makeup. Studio shot on gray background, copy space.

The proportion in which the esthetics market is growing is absolutely surprising. Included in this segment, is the increase of the factors which are specifically designed for the care of black skin. Do you know the main skincare measures that the people with black skin require? Before describing the skincare itself, let us define the… Continue reading Esthetics Treatments for black skin

Esthetic treatments for Facial Rejuvenation

With the advancement of age, the presence of signs reflecting this advancement on the skin is common. They result from the natural ageing process.  The main factors which intensify the appearance of these signs are: exposure to sunlight, genetics, absence of skincare and even the day-to-day stress. Physiologically, the damage caused to the skin, throughout… Continue reading Esthetic treatments for Facial Rejuvenation

Male Esthetics

The presence of the male public in the male esthetics market has been gradually but constantly growing. Men’s vanity goes beyond a haircut and shave; the search for esthetic benefits aims to improve self-esteem, Beauty and self-confidence, exactly as it happens with women. The male public is more and more demanding and concerned with their… Continue reading Male Esthetics

IV International Multidisciplinary Esthetics Meeting

Between 18 and 20 October, 2018 the 4th Edition of the IBRAMED International Multidisciplinary Esthetics Meeting took place, organized and hosted by the leading company in the market of medical devices for physical rehabilitation and esthetics in Latin America.  In a partnership with Mademoiselle Estética & Emagrecimento and sponsored by RMC Gel Clínico, Medicatriz Dermocosméticos… Continue reading IV International Multidisciplinary Esthetics Meeting

Intimate area esthetics

Technician in charge: Jéssica Helena Franco Dorigatti Nowadays, intimate areas esthetics has been gaining ground and recognition in the esthetics field, but it is still seen as taboo. many women can feel uncomfortable and insecure with the characteristics of their intimate areas, and this impacts negatively their self-esteem, and reflects directly in their sex life,… Continue reading Intimate area esthetics

Modellata, Whole-body vibration oscillation therapy

What are the indications: The therapy can be used in large or small areas for the treatment of localized fat, cellulite and fibrosis, muscle myofascial pain, relaxation and reflexology maneuvers and it is also a facilitator in lymphatic drainage. Structures on which the therapy acts: The therapy acts directly on the structures of the skin,… Continue reading Modellata, Whole-body vibration oscillation therapy