Adolescents’ and Young Adults’ Esthetics

The growing demand for body care and beauty has been a concern of the population in general.

Adolescents and young adults are a group that have been adopting general care earlier and earlier in life, since each generation seems to develop at an earlier age.

There are many treatments and personal care resources for this target audience. Youngsters, both boys and girls, suffer with the hormonal changes and alterations to their bodies, which may include: skin oiliness, blackheads and pimples. The indications to solve these problems are: regular skin cleansing, diamond or crys’tal peeling, facial detox and, concomitantly with these, it is important to keep a specific home care, such as the use of soap and sunscreen that are specific for the type of skin, depending on the needs of each individual. Besides the skin, with the pubertal growth spur, boys start to notice the occurrence of stretch marks and many of them start to feel uncomfortable with localized fat. With these premises in mind, after an evaluation a treatment with the association of products and therapies, such as carboxytherapy and vacuum therapy, for stretch marks and association of modeling massage, ultrasound and endermology, for instance, for localized fat.

In addition to the skin, many other issues are associated with the girls, and that is the case with stretch marks, localized fat and cellulite. Frequently, after the menarche, girls begin to observe many changes in their bodies, such as mood alterations and edema, among other symptoms. stretch marks and localized fat can be treated, as with boys, after an evaluation. In those cases when there is the presence of cellulite, there are associated treatments, modeling massage and ultrasound, among others. In case of edema, lymphatic drainage is frequently used. Another factor of discomfort, particularly to girls, is the presence of unwanted hairs, which can be removed with phototherapeutic treatment, using Pulsed Light, laser epilation, wax epilation and   body hair bleaching.

It is important to point out the importance of a careful evaluation, so that a specific treatment protocol is defined for each individual.

In many cases, a multidisciplinary treatment is the key to better results, that is, the combined work of a dermatologist, endocrinologist, gynecologist, nutritionist, physical educator, psychologist, and other professionals, can lead to effective and lasting results.