Modellata, Whole-body vibration oscillation therapy

What are the indications:

The therapy can be used in large or small areas for the treatment of localized fat, cellulite and fibrosis, muscle myofascial pain, relaxation and reflexology maneuvers and it is also a facilitator in lymphatic drainage.

Structures on which the therapy acts:

The therapy acts directly on the structures of the skin, subcutaneous and muscle tissue without discomfort or trauma. This resource can be used in the cervical, thoracic, lumbar abdominal and upper and lower limbs.


The technology used:

The MODELLATA equipment uses the vibration and oscillation therapy technique. This is a safe and efficient non-invasive technique, which provides multidirectional tissue mobilization, combining vertical and parallel forces and resulting in deep mobilization in the tissues. MODELLATA presents an applicator that allows the interchange between 4 tips (multipoint, concave, 4-point and central point), which accompany the equipment and enable several techniques. Besides that, the equipment allows the adjustment of continuous and SWEEP mode, (adjustment of high and low frequencies) and a maximum frequency of 60cps.

The physiological effects of this resource:

In general terms, the MODELLATA therapy promotes increase in cutaneous oxygenation, improvement of cellular nutrition, skin tonus, blood and lymphatic flow and it also aids in eliminating the subproducts of the metabolism, in the reduction of the appearance of cellulite, and in the distribution of the subcutaneous adipose tissue as well as in the reduction of the circumference measurements. The MODELLATA therapy facilitates the permeation of actives in the skin, optimizes the metabolic exchanges, promotes peripheral and local hyperemia which increases the offer of oxygen and nutrients to the tissues. The equipment promotes decongesting and fibrinolytic action. It also promotes temporary relief of pain by stimulating the mechanoreceptors in the skin, based on the mechanism of “Gate Control Theory of Pain” and release of endorphins.


Number of session indicated:

In general, 6-10 sessions are indicated, depending on the therapeutic objective.


Interval between the sessions:

In general, this treatment is carried out 2 to 3 times a week.


The results and when they appear:

The response to esthetic treatments is quite individual; however, from the first session it is possible to observe improvement in fluid retention, and throughout the sessions, the results become clear. In general, the expected results are: improvement in body contour, reduction of fluid retention, temporary reduction of the appearance of cellulite, tonification and improvement of the aspect of the skin, pain relief, and also muscle recovery after exercise.

The advantages of this treatment compared to others in the market:

The whole-body oscillatory vibration therapy offers a number of advantages in body treatment, as it treats several esthetic alterations at the same time. What is interesting about this equipment is that in the same session the specialist can combine two therapeutic objectives, such as modeling of body contour, for example and at the same time carry out lymphatic drainage through different pre-adjusted frequencies, thus optimizing the results.