Esthetic treatments for Facial Rejuvenation

With the advancement of age, the presence of signs reflecting this advancement on the skin is common. They result from the natural ageing process.  The main factors which intensify the appearance of these signs are: exposure to sunlight, genetics, absence of skincare and even the day-to-day stress.

Physiologically, the damage caused to the skin, throughout time, are the decrease in collagen and elastin production, (the proteins which strengthen the articulations) resulting in the appearance of wrinkles, skin flaccidity, expression lines, and alteration in the texture of skin, rendering it relatively rougher.

An interesting point, on the other hand, is the proportion in which the esthetics market has been searching for and offering technological evolution. Always thinking of renewing or boosting self-esteem of so many people, making them feel better about themselves and thus preventing or attenuating dysfunctions.

Some key tips that we always recommend are: healthy and balanced eating, drinking Plenty of water and applying sunscreen daily, hydrating the skin twice a day and never Sleep with make-up on. Now, let us highlight some excellent esthetic resources in facial rejuvenation:

Lyra is our microcontrolled equipment with Intense Pulsed Light technology composed of 3 cut-off filters with wavelength of 480nm, 530nm and 640nm, which allow the professional to choose the spectrum of light radiation for each treatment, according to the depth he/she intends to reach. The equipment presents a cryoptotection system (water and Peltier) which makes the session more comfortable and safer.  Another advantage of the Lyra equipment is its lamp, with useful life of 1 million shots, which ensures greater productivity and functional performance.  For rejuvenation treatments, the cut-off filter from 480nm to 1200nm, which treats many factors that cause photoaging in different areas of the body, such as: the back of the hands, cleavage and neck. This type of filter treats fine wrinkles, facial blood vessels, like spider veins, rosacea, sunspots, chronic sunlight damage and alteration of the skin texture, where selective photothermolysis (target chromophores) are: water, oxyhemoglobin and melanin.

Hooke is our equipment for application of radiofrequency energy of 27,12MHz and maximum power of 120W, which offers bipolar (superficial penetration up to 4mm of depth) and monopolar (deep penetration from 15 to 20mm of depth), and also a cryogenic applicator, the  cooling, for the preservation of the epidermis before and after the therapy. This equipment stands out for its efficacy in rejuvenation, skin tightening and skin flaccidity treatments.

Last, but not least, we present as another facial rejuvenation solution, the Ares, equipment, which uses carboxytherapy with High Volt current, also known as HVPC (High Voltage Pulsed Current. The treatments can be carried out simultaneously, with the therapeutic modes or isolatedly, with each of them. Carboxytherapy presents high precision in the parameters, free or intermittent modes, volume by point from 5-300ml and speed of flow from 5-300ml/min. The equipment presents the option of activation of gas emission via footswitch or display, and a device that heats the CO₂ prior to the infusion, guaranteeing more comfort and potentializing the physiological effects of CO₂.

When associating the use of 3 devices mentioned above (Lyra, Hooke and Ares), it is advisable that the professional follows this order: Hooke, Lyra and Ares. And keep in mind: every electromedical device must be used only under prescription and supervision of a licensed professional.

Now that you know more about our equipment, how about adding one of them or this trio to your clinic? Contact our Certified retailers near you.