Male Esthetics

The presence of the male public in the male esthetics market has been gradually but constantly growing. Men’s vanity goes beyond a haircut and shave; the search for esthetic benefits aims to improve self-esteem, Beauty and self-confidence, exactly as it happens with women.

The male public is more and more demanding and concerned with their appearance, and want to feel young and handsome.

Let us mention some of the esthetic procedures that every man should consider to value his facial features, and keep his skin healthy.

  • Skin cleansing: male skin cleansing is a bit different from female skin cleansing, as the beard makes the pores more dilated, due to its concentration of elastin and collagen, giving more firmness and tonicity to the skin when compared to female skin. The skin cleansing treatment consists of the removal of impurities, dead cells, and comedones. It is recommended that it is carried out every 30 to 40 days, because it helps to control oiliness. We use equipment that really helps during the treatment, such as ozone vapor, becasue the application of hot vapor opens the pores and has bactericide action, facilitating the extraction of the comedones. After that, we use High Frequency, which is also based on ozone, and also accelerates healing with bactericide and fungicide action.
  • Mechanical peeling: is an exfoliation procedure which consists of cellular renewal by removing the corneous layer of the epidermis, where stimulation of the keratinocytes in the basal layer, accelerating this renewal and acting to promote rejuvenation.
  • Crystal peeling: is a mechanical peeling known for being based on microdermabrasion, which performs exfoliation through aluminum oxide blasting, and the intensity depends on the speed and weight of the therapist’s hand.
  • Diamond peeling: acts in a very abrasive form in the surface of the epidermis, using a pen with a diamond grind tip that scrubs the external layer of the skin and aspirates the dead cells. It is a superficial peeling that removes the outer layer of skin and facilitates the permeation of actives. It is combined with cleansing for a better result.
  • IPL: Intense Pulsed Light is indicated in the treatment of some types of skin spots, facial rejuvenation, and for prolonged hair removal. It is a known fact that photoepilation has been substituting the removal carried out by blades and wax. And, surprisingly enough, not only women look for this resource, but there is also a large demand for this treatment by the male public. Gaining more and more ground as one of the most sought-after epilation in different parts of the body, intense pulsed light is fast, and carried out in a few application sessions it is possible to notice thinner and softer hairs. It can be eliminated completely, if that is the intention. The treatment generates only a slight discomfort.

Body treatments are on very high demand. From relaxing massages and lymphatic drainage to measurement reduction treatments. Many men have sought resources to decrease the well-known localized fat, specifically in the abdomen and waist areas, to achieve a better body definition. However, most men do not wish to undergo liposuction, for being an invasive surgery with hospitalization and painful post-operative. Cryolipolysis and ultrasound have been seen as two excellent alternatives for the reduction of localized fat.

Aussie current is also one of the resources in greater demand by men and consists of electrical stimulation used to promote muscle contraction in the application area, improving tonicity and consequently, skin flaccidity, also stimulating blood and lymphatic flow and oxygenation.

The esthetic procedures currently available offer a wide range of technological and innovative functions for health and beauty, no longer limited to women, as Everyone wants to be healthy and look their best in all aspects.